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RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Device.

Types of RFID Transponder (Tag, PIT Tag, Microchip)

There are three main types of RFID transponders: 

  • Passive (no battery),
  • Active (large tags contain a battery) and
  • Semi-active (small battery).
Within the three types there are three main frequencies: 

  • Low Frequency (LF),
  • High Frequency (HF) and
  • Ultra-High Frequency (UHF).

Trovan RFID is a Low Frequency system utilising both ferrite antenna type tags and air coil antenna type tags.

Trovan tags can be either fully encapsulated or supplied as a PET or PVC inlay.

Trovan RFID tags are manufactured in Germany using six-sigma tool kits.

The production line is fully automated and capable of producing many millions of tags per year.


Learn more about Trovan tags in metal here
Benefits: On & Sub-Surface In Metal-Harsh & Ultra-Harsh Environments-Submersible-Unique ID Code CANNOT be Altered-100% Read Rate Guarantee-Warranted For Life of Asset. 

Applications Include: Asset Management-IBC Management-Component Lifecycling (FIA Motorsport)-Hazardous Zone 1, Gas Groups IIA & IIB (ATEX)-Inspection Monitoring, HSE/LOLER/PUWER/FSA-Weapons & Military Equipment ID – Allocation/Return/Inventory-Livestock ID & Management-Theft Prevention/Recovery-Art & Antiques Provenance.