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Trovan tags in metal

RFID Systems - In metal ID103 glass transponder

ID103 glass transponder (Tag) installed 5mm below surface in stainless steel ‘pill box’.
Fill with ‘chemical metal’ or other structural adhesive.

RFID Systems - In metal ID103 with pill box

Pill box carrier can be fixed with structural adhesive or spot welded to asset.

RFID Systems - Trovan ID100A in mild steel carrier

ID100A tag ‘sub-surface’ in mild steel carrier.
Milled slot minimum 12x3x3mm required.
Tag can be secured in place by chemical metal or adhesive.

RFID Systems - Trovan ID100A in milled slot

Milled slot prior to tag installation.

RFID Systems - Trovan metal helmet tag carrier

Metal ‘helmet tag’ carrier fixed to metal plate by either spot weld or adhesive.

Note: tag reading on LCD.

RFID Systems - Trovan infill helmet tag carrier with adhesive

Infill ‘helmet tag’ carrier with either chemical metal or industrial adhesive. Tag reading orientation is with end of ferrite antenna reader parallel to tag.

RFID Systems - Trovan ID700 container tag

ID700 container tag.

Spot weld to stainless steel kegs, tote boxes, steel containers, IBC’s, rail track, marine craft structures, steel bridges, etc.

RFID Systems - Trovan Disc Transponder sub-surface installed

Disc transponder sub-surface installed in industrial gas cylinders.

RFID Systems - Trovan disc transponder reemed bolt head

Trovan disc transponder in reamed bolt head. Bolt can be painted over after tag installation.

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