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Trovan Industrial RFID Technology

Applications range from endangered species conservation to defence equipment management and virtually everything in between.

Manufactured in Germany, Holland and the USA, Trovan is the choice where quality, reliability and longevity are the requirements.

How it works

Step 1.

The reader emits a magnetic field. When a transponder passes through the field, its antenna coil is energised.

Step 2.

The chip immediately begins to send is ID code back to the antenna.

In the antenna, receiver coils sense the minute transponder’s signal.

The transponder’s digital code is displayed on the reader’s LCD and can be saved in memory.

RFID Systems - Trovan ID310G
RFID Systems - Trovan ID100A
RFID Systems - Fish Reader W2 for animal tracking
RFID Systems - Trovan Salmon for animal tracking
RFID Systems - Trovan Swim or Walk Through Antenna

Benefits: On & Sub-Surface In Metal-Harsh & Ultra-Harsh Environments-Submersible-Unique ID Code CANNOT be Altered-100% Read Rate Guarantee-Warranted For Life of Asset.

Applications Include: Asset Management-IBC Management-Component Lifecycling (FIA Motorsport)-Hazardous Zone 1, Gas Groups IIA & IIB (ATEX)-Inspection Monitoring, HSE/LOLER/PUWER/FSA-Weapons & Military Equipment ID – Allocation/Return/Inventory-Livestock ID & Management-Theft Prevention/Recovery-Art & Antiques Provenance.