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Typical Trovan Product Applications

RFID Systems - Trovan Unusual Applications, Bonsai Tree

Trovan tags are used for many unusual applications.

RFID Systems - Trovan BLE Reader Showing ID and Sync

Trovan LID700BLE reader designed to read and send Transponder ID code (with date/time stamp) to a smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth Low Energy. One of a range of Trovan readers available.

RFID Systems - Trovan Ex

Trovan EX™ transponders and readers ATEX certified for use in hazardous Zone 1, gas group IIA & IIB environments

RFID Systems - Trovan CO2 cylinder antenna

Design and build of a ‘custom’ antenna to capture gas cylinder ID as the cylinder is being filled.

RFID Systems - Trovan Clinical Waste Recycling Plant

Clinical Waste Recycling Plant using Trovan Transponders to identify containers. Antenna/decoder system linked to load cell to capture; container ID & container weight.

RFID Systems - Trovan Behavoiur Monitoring

Trovan RFID technology plays a major role in animal behavioural research in addition to endangered species conservation, companion animal identification and livestock management.

RFID Systems - Trovan Breeding Tanks

Breeding tanks at The University of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.

The university use the Trovan ZEUS Fish Reader system to capture very fast and very accurate data from breeding male and female fish.

RFID Systems - Trovan Rodent Research Setup

Complex antenna/decoder array for use in rodent research study.

RFID Systems - Trovan Cylinder Tags Sub Surface

ID1000/12 Transponder mounted sub-surface in industrial gas cylinders (black disc).

Enables full management of cylinders throughout the supply chain.

RFID Systems - Trovan FishReaderW_2 for animal tracking

Trovan ZEUS Fish Reader W. Automates capture of data on specimens including: PIT tag, weight and any other data points desired (sexing, appearance, specific deformities, results of challenge tests etc).

Additional external scale, fish measuring board etc. may be added as desired to customise.

RFID Systems - Trovan ID100A

Trovan ID100A transponder encapsulated in bio-compatible – laser capable glass.

Used in both industrial and animal applications.

RFID Systems - Trovan Salmon for animal tracking

Trovan PIT tags are used in both breeding and migration monitoring applications in many countries.

RFID Systems - Trovan Swim or Walk Through Antenna

A large (600mm diameter) swim through/walk through antenna. One of many antenna types available.

Trovan can also design and build ‘custom’ antenna systems for non-standard applications.

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